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[1月上旬]CG集次回作予告!/ Next Work Preview !!








来年1月上旬リリース予定です!お楽しみに! The next work is a futanari lesbian CG collection featuring Futanari Dark Elf Sexaroid (Elsa) and a human, heterosexual woman (Lisa)!

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Lisa came to the Dark Elf Kingdom in search of her ideal exotic handsome male. Working in a tool shop, she hoped for a romantic encounter, but to no avail. One day, while walking in the Elf Forest, she came across a ragged-looking woman. This woman was actually Elsa, a futanari sexaroid created using ancient technology from a thousand years ago!

Waking from a long slumber and wandering through the forest, the sexaroid Elsa senses Lisa's frustration and persistently pursues her for futanari lesbian sex. Lisa, a heterosexual woman who never considered same-sex love, finds herself continually embraced by Elsa. However, when an ancient Elf who knows Elsa's true identity arrives, Lisa, who initially had no interest in women, begins to experience a change in her feelings.


Scheduled for release in early January next year! Stay tuned!




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